Pages xi-xvii

The author shares his experience with prayer: the trials of attending synagogue services in his youth, and the rewards of prayer today.

The Efficacy of Prayer

Chapter 1, pages 21-29

Does prayer accomplish anything in the real world? In this chapter, five contributors take up the challenge. Here are three: Rabbis Aryeh Ben David, Rami Shapiro and Anne Brener.

What is Prayer?

Chapter 2, pages 39-47

Few of the MPR contributors think of prayer as, "I ask, and god gives, or doesn't." What then is prayer?

Coping with Loss

Chapter 14, pages 135-37

We tend to think of prayer as a synagogue activity, but prayer is most valuable in the trenches of life. In this chapter we ask if prayer can help us respond well to life's trials; in this excerpt, mourning.

Best Practices

Chapter 18, pages 175-178

MPR contributors share their insights into getting the most out of traditional Jewish Prayer.