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The Exploring Prayer eJournal, edited
by Rabbi Mike Comins and sponsored
by the Making Prayer Real Course,
offers wisdom, tools and resources
on the art of Jewish prayer.

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Bare Prayer

Founding Director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, Rabbi Nancy Flam asks: What do you do to make your practice of prayer heartfelt? She shares her own strategy for sincere prayer, and invites you to share yours.

The Roots of Jewish Prayer

The Majestic Center

For many, the metaphor of God as a male King is an obstacle. Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton shares how a feminist can find meaning in melekh.

From the Sources

Beginning to Pray

Anthony Bloom writes about kavanah (honesty, sincerity and focus) from a Christian perspective.

Prayer Bytes

Spontaneous Prayer

Brother David Steindl-Rast comments on the challenge of praying one’s own, unscripted prayer.

Quotable Heschel

An Ontological Necessity

For Abraham Joshua Heschel, prayer does not fill a psychological or societal need. Rather, it “constitutes the very essence of man.”

The Magic of Chant

Inviting Our Future Selves

Join Rabbi Shefa Gold in her chant of Psalm 39:5, Inviting Our Future Selves, a practice for envisioning and inviting the person we aspire to become.

Prayer Talk Audio

Intuition in Prayer

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z"l discusses the role of personal experience in spiritual life, and contrasts intuition and reason in one's prayer life.

Prayer Talk Video

Working with Distraction

Rabbi Natan Margalit interprets Hasidic wisdom on how to respond to distraction and unwanted thoughts during prayer.


Striving to Become My Prayer

In this moving prose-poem, Rabbi Nina Mizrahi shares her prayer journey and reveals the effect of praying on becoming.