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Rabbi Mike Comins Introduces the Making Prayer Real Course

The Making Prayer Real Course

Taught by Rabbi Mike Comins, the Making Prayer Real Course brings the insights and practices of the innovative book alive.  You'll learn the spiritual dynamics of passionate, heart-opening prayer. Rather than theology or the history of Jewish liturgy, the Course focuses on the skills and techniques that make prayer profound, powerful and transformative. Themes include:

  • Connecting heart to words of prayer
  • Awakening the senses to enliven prayer
  • The emotional foundations of prayer
  • The key characteristics of sincere prayer, and how to realize them
  • A spiritual dynamics approach to Jewish liturgy
  • Keys to praying from the Siddur, the Jewish prayer book
  • Prayer in the service of teshuvah (self-change)
  • Coping with loss and mourning
  • Discerning a response to our prayers

Just like the book, no one way to pray is presented.  Rather, the Course is designed as a conversation and a workshop. Different approaches to prayer are presented by the contributors, and over twenty prayer practices are offered, to help you discover and develop your own approach to prayer as an individual and as a member of your community.

The MPR Course brings leading teachers on prayer and spirituality to your computer or mobile device by way of video. See below for a list of our video contributors and view sample videos.

The Course is divided into four modules of four sessions each. Students may begin with any module. 

First time students are asked to participate in an “on demand,” introductory session before they begin their first module. Rabbi Mike Comins presents the core principles and pedagogic strategies that make the MPR Course effective.
Students may register for individual modules, or purchase the entire course at a discounted tuition.  

Classes are conducted live by way of webinar in our specially constructed virtual classroom. Each session includes learning with Rabbi Comins, video interviews with leading Jewish spiritual voices on the art of prayer, student response and discussion, and instruction in traditional and innovative prayer practices.

Clergy and Professional, Jewish Educators

Click here for information on the clergy and professional, Jewish educators version of the online MPR Course.

Course Syllabus and Sample Videos

Each session includes learning with your teacher in person or over the internet, video interviews with leading Jewish spiritual voices on the art of prayer, and instruction in traditional and innovative prayer practices with Rabbi Mike Comins.

Course Outline

Introductory Lesson
When Prayer "Works," Mochin d'Gadlut
and Prayer as Practice

Module 1: Foundations
Birchot HaShachar (Morning Blessings)

1. Yearning: Psalms and the Stirrings of the Heart
2. The Life of Gratitude
3. The Art of Blessing
4. Creating Sacred Space with Response Blessings

Bonus Lesson: The Difficulty of Prayer

Module 2: Listening Deeply
The Shema and Her Blessings

1.  Mindfulness: Listen Before You Speak
2.  Tradition! The Benefits of Liturgical Prayer
3.  Shema 1: A Narrative Approach to Liturgy
4.  Shema 2: Meaning and Interpretation

Bonus Lesson: Bringing Our Bodies into Prayer

Module 3: Personal Prayer
Teshuvah and Introspection

1. The Challenge of Personal Prayer
2. Cultivating Your Personal Prayer Voice
3. Teshuvah: Introspection for Change
4. Discerning Divinity: Listening for a Response to Prayer

Module 4: Growing and Healing Through Prayer
The Amidah, Mi sh'Berach and Kaddish

1. Exploring the Amidah
2. The Amidah and Me
3. Coping with Illness and Loss
4. Mourning and Kaddish

Sample Videos


Prayer & Teshuvah

Why a Liturgy?

Video Contributors

Rabbi Rachel Adler, PhD • Merri Lovinger Arian • Rabbi Bradley Artson • Rabbi Phyllis Berman • Rabbi Anne Brener, LCSW • Rabbi Stephen Cohen • Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove, PhD • Rabbi Getzel Davis • Rabbi Lavey Derby • Rabbi Elliot Dorff, PhD • Cantor Ellen Dreskin • Reb Mimi Feigelson • Rabbi Nancy Flam • Rabbi Karen Fox, DD • Tamar Frankiel, PhD •  Rabbi Laura Geller • Rabbi Shefa Gold • Rabbi Arthur Green, PhD • Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD • Melila Hellner, PhD •  Rabbi Yoel Klein •  Rabbi Myriam Klotz • Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell • Rabbi Richard N. Levy, DD • Rabbi Yael Levy • Rabbi Ebn Leader, PhD  •  Rabbi Natan Margalit, PhD • Jay Michaelson, PhD • Rabbi Rex Perlmeter • Rabbi Marcia Prager • Rabbi Or Rose, PhD • Rabbi Rami Shapiro • Rabbi Jonathan P. Slater • Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz • Rabbi Margot Stein • Linda Thal, PhD • Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg • Rabbi Dvora Weisberg, PhD • Rabbi David J. Wolpe