Licensing & Pricing

The MPR Course is divided into five, four-session modules:

  • Module 1: The Practice of Prayer; Pesukei d'Zimra
  • Module 2: Foundations; Bircot HaShachar
  • Module 3: Listening Deeply; The Shema
  • Module 4: Personal Prayer; Teshuvah
  • Module 5: Growing and Healing Through Prayer; The Amidah, Mi sh'Berach and Kaddish

Each module includes .pdf and .mov files and is mailed to you on a USB drive for easy download into your computer and convenient screening to your class. The materials include:

  • Lesson plans with innovative ideas and tested methodologies.
  • Traditional and alternative prayer practices.
  • High definition video montages featuring outstanding teachers of Jewish spirituality.
  • Transcripts of the videos to shorten preparation time for teachers.
  • A video message to teachers from Rabbi Mike Comins on each lesson with general background and pedagogic advice.
  • “Conversations” videos  designed to teach and then draw the viewer into dialogues on interesting topics—appropriate for general programming when Jewish professionals are not present.

See the MPR Course Syllabus and Sample Videos page and the Course Modules page for a list of session subjects, video topics and video contributors.

To learn more about the innovative MPR approach to teaching and learning prayer, see the MPR Story and FAQs page, the Pedagogic Strategies page, and the Teachers’ Report and References page.


The MPR Course materials are licensed to an institution for their exclusive use, and may be used in any normal activity sponsored by the community. They may not be copied or lent to other institutions. (That’s the only way we can make our business model work.)


$300 per Module
$1,200 Full Curriculum 
(all 5 Modules, $300 savings)

Small Congregation Discount
(under 300 member units)

$250 per Module
$1,000 Full Curriculum
(all 5 Modules, $250 savings)

Very Small Congregation Discount
(under 100 member units)

or Canadian Discount

$200 per Module
$800 Full Curriculum
(all 5 Modules, $200 savings)

Virtual Classroom

$240 (includes set-up & first 6-months maintenance fees) 

A dedicated, pass-word protected classroom for students, offering a place to view videos, engage in online discussions, review lessons and receive announcements.