Virtual Classroom

Your class receives its own password-protected Virtual Classroom on the Making Prayer Real website. Features include:

  • Links to the videos seen in class for further viewing at home.
  • Space to post additional resources, links and materials from the teacher as well as student writings, smart-phone photos of the whiteboard, or any other contributions from the class.
  • A page devoted to each class lesson, where students can access your summary of the class, the home practice for the week, videos and resources in one, convenient location. This allows students to review at home, and most important, students who miss a class can easily keep up.
  • Facebook-like discussion threads where students may, if they like, continue conversations started in class and share their experience with the prayer practices. Students receive an email with each new comment, and a link to the discussion on the website if they wish to respond or contribute.
  • An "Announcements" app, which allows teachers to email their class with one-click convenience. Announcements are then archived in the virtual classroom, so students can easily access all communications from the teacher without searching old emails.
  • Instructional videos for teachers and students on how to operate their classroom (it's simple!).
  • Technical support by email. Phone support available at additional cost.


  • $180 one-time set up.
  • $10 per month for as long as you keep the Virtural Classroom active. Includes weekly uploading of materials, links, student work or anything else that you would like to post in your classroom.