Essential Reading if You Are Exploring Jewish Prayer

By Dan Liben (Natick, MA) on

"Finally, the book on Jewish prayer that I have been waiting for someone to write. Comins brings to the table a collection of some of today’s most interesting Rabbis, Cantors, daveners and meditators, who share their experience with prayer."

Grappling With Prayer

By Steve Lipman, staff writer, The New York Jewish Week

""With contributions from some four dozen rabbis and thinkers across the religious spectrum, Rabbi Comins... examines in a traditional but New Agey way the role prayer plays in a Jew's life both inside and outside the synagogue."

A Wonderful Guide to Prayer

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg (on Hillary Arlen's Amazon review page)

"My congregants respond deeply to this book and the teachings within it. It's having a real, noticeable impact on the prayer life of participants (myself included)."