Online Teacher Training Seminars

Making Prayer Real Course Curriculum

Facilitated by Rabbi Mike Comins, the Teacher Training Seminar offers an in-depth introduction to the MPR approach to learning Jewish prayer and the MPR Course curricular materials.

The Training is intended for those who wish to do one or more of the following:

  • Learn an innovative, proven methodology* for teaching Jewish prayer.
  • Evaluate if the MPR Course curriculum is appropriate for their community.
  • Acquire knowledge, experience and skills to effectively teach the MPR Course.

Program Highlights

The following themes are presented during the Training:

  • An overview of the Course and the curricular resources, including pedagogic advice for each of the five modules.
  • A demonstration of key prayer practices from the curriculum, emphasizing experiential exercises that you have likely not tried before.
  • Various techniques for working with the MPR videos.
  • A demonstration of teaching various topics, particularly the sessions presenting the pedagogic strategy of the MPR Course (a "spiritual dynamics" approach and prayer as a practice; see Pedagogic Strategies for information).
  • Cultivating an open, safe workshop environment of exploration and support for the students.

In addition, Rabbi Comins relays feedback from previous teachers on how to tweak the curriculum for your community. Sample topics: What is the best way to schedule the Course? How do I deal with a large class? How should I promote the Course?

The training is divided into two, four-hour sessions covering the following topics:

Part A

The MPR Approach to Deepening Prayer
The Emotional Foundations of Prayer
Bringing the Body into Prayer
Mindfulness and the Art of Blessing

Part B

New Approaches to Learning Liturgy
Putting Heart into Words
Cultivating Personal Prayer 
Discerning a Response to Prayer

The sessions are recorded and posted in a password, protected classroom.  If you miss part of the seminar, you can view it later at your convenience.

*Proven Methodology

The MPR Course has been piloted in 12 congregations to date. The results have been positive, based on subjective feedback (anecdotal comments), and objective criteria (evaluations, attendance rates and classes continuing for a second year). Both teachers and students have provided extensive feedback, including how to best teach the course in different circumstances (size of the class, frequency of the meetings, etc.). Rabbi Comins will share the fruits of the pilot program and offer suggestions for tweaking the course to a variety of settings.